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Where gamers make games greater

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    PleaseFix turns frustration into engagement

    PleaseFix makes players a part of the bug reporting and prioritization process by allowing them to quickly contribute to existing issues, and submit detailed reports of their own.

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    PleaseFix delivers high quality and comprehensive bug reports

    Gamers are asked to supply the details of bugs they encounter via a staged submission process where they describe the issue with text, screengrabs and even video. At the same time, the platform filters for similar issues so that you're left with standardized bug reports and significantly fewer duplicates.

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    PleaseFix optimizes the bug fixing process to make games more fun

    By providing clarity and insight into which bugs gamers feel most passionately about, PleaseFix allows developers to make their games more fun, for more people more efficiently than ever before!

PleaseFix's customizable UI is designed to look and feel like an extension of your game world.

Meanwhile, its backend can seamlessly integrate with your existing helpdesk and reporting tools, resulting in a more efficient QA workflow.

A game changing QA platform for developers and publishers

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    The world of live service games is faced with many challenges; hardware differences, myriad in-game scenarios and the unpredictable nature of gamers are just a few of them. These hurdles make it difficult to replicate or validate bugs, and when your game is one of the most anticipated and closely followed titles out there (on or off planet!), things can get out of hand quickly. Enter Star Citizen's Issue Council, powered by PleaseFix, which revolutionized QA by generating detailed bug reports and achieving faster issue resolution, all on a platform that looks and feels like the sci-fi world of the game itself.

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    Rainbow Six Siege is an esports favourite and has a thriving, active community. However, its live service environment makes it difficult to replicate, authenticate and prioritise bugs. For these reasons, PleaseFix delivered R6Fix, a platform dedicated to optimizing the reporting process. This enabled the Ubisoft to efficiently triage common complaints from critical new bugs that their community was asking them to prioritize.

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Critical strikes on the bugs that sting most!

Mobilize your players to help evolve the gameplay experience. Get in touch today and learn more about PleaseFix.